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The Aero Amateur Radio Club sponsors Amateur Radio License Exams with the ARRL VEC.
Examination sessions are throughout the year.

General exam question pools change July 1, 2019

link to new 2019 General  question pool

2019 Examination AERO ARRLVEC Schedule

Where: White Marsh Branch Baltimore County Public Library

Unless noted in schedule listing

Testing conducted in Meeting Room of Library on the left of the entry door follow the signs

8133 Sandpiper Circle
White Marsh, Md. 21236
Time: 1:15p.m. to 4 P.M.


Our testing session starts the same time the Library opens. Please be patient while we set up tables and get ready for the Session. Testing will start registration around 1:15 PM

Cellular phones will be collected before testing starts and returned at completion. Any storage devices such as Scientific Calculators, PDA's, Tablets, Cell Phones are not allowed it is recommended to leave those devices in your car.

VE team provides pens, scrap paper and basic calculators and any Forms for testing. You only need to provide the Correct answers!

Bad weather procedures: If the Library is open testing is as schedualed. If Baltimore County closes all Public Librarys we will Cancel the session due to weather. contact Pat AC3F email:

VE Testing Dates

January 6,   2019


March 10, 2019


White Marsh Library

1:15 PM Walkin's Welcome

May 2019 TBD


1:15  PM Walkin's Welcome

June 22, 2019 Field Day Site!!!!

Essex Skypark 12:00 pm to 2pm

****Saturday Session****

September 2019 TBD

1:15  PM Walkin's Welcome

November 1019 TBD

1:15  PM Walkin's Welcome

Testing Fee $15.00 Cash or Check

Contact: Patricia Stone AC3F

We are an ARRL Sponsered VE Team and have expenses incured with the rental of Meeting room at the library and testing supplys. The AERO Club see's None of these Fees!!!

********As of August 21st, 2017********

We can no longer allow visitors, spouses or children in the VE Testing session area. We must respect the Examinees right to a quite and distraction free environment during testing sessions.  The VE Team will strctley enforce this policy during testing!

Walk-ins accepted until 1:45 p.m.

New Canidates should preregister with FCC for a FRN Number Registration site link here from FCC ULS System

A FRN number from the FCC ULS system is requred to take the test. With out your FRN number your licence processing will delayed! Social Security numbers can be used. FRN Number expidites processing and is recomended!

Please bring valid photo I.D. and any Current Amateur Licence (Photo Copy) and Completion Cetificates (Photo Cland lineUpgrading from Tech or General

*****We do not have access to a copy machine so please bring a copy of your liscense*****

Meet W3PGA AERO ARC Volenteer Examiner Team

W3PGA Volenteer Examainer's Corner

Upon passing an Element sucessfully you can take the Next available Upgrade test free. This gives you a look at the next level material and what you need to study. New Technicians are offered the General and  New Generals are offSponsoredExtra elements. You never know we have seen people take all three elements the same day and pass two or all three!

Print a Copy of your Amateur Radio Liscence suitable for framing no water mark!


Use link to find your FRN Number and click on picture on right of that link page to print your Copy of Liscence!

Other Testing Clubs in Maryland

Northeast MD Amateur Radio Club

NEMARC VE Testing Site

Laurel VE Team

Laurel VE Testing Site

Find a Testing Session near you ARRL VE testing site search

2019 Extra Exam Class

An Extra Class Licensing course will start on Thursday, Jan 24, at the National Electronics Museum, 1745A West Nursery Road, Linthicum MD 21090.  No fee.  Class times are 6:30 to 9:30 for 12 weeks.  Students are requested to purchase the text ahead of class:  the 11th Edition of The ARRL Extra Class License Manual.  Contact Rol Anders, K3RA 410-796-4792, for questions or to sign up.  

 Thanks es 73,

Rol, K3RA



Get Your Ham Radio License
Online Testing Practice Websites

Hamtest Online    QRZ Radio Exams   ARRL Exam Reviews   Ham Study

You are only 35 questions away from getting your Ham radio license. The questions come from a pool of questions published by the FCC that you can study on your Tablet, Smart Phone or Personal Computer at your convience.

Be Productive

You have to be at your computer to use online ham tests. Studying on your mobile device helps improve the productivity of your studying! Anytime you have a spare moment, just bring up the Application and study for your FCC ham radio license. You will be on the air before you know it with your new ham privileges.

Study Complete Question Pool

Use Ham Technician, Ham General, and Ham Extra to prepare for your Ham radio license exams. You can study every possible question that may appear on the exams. Review the questions and get feedback an study meterial on the correct answer.

Study Your Weak Areas

See how you are doing on each section that you study. Each topic tells you how well you did when you studied that topic. Use the Study by Weakness feature to study the material and it expedites learning which you need the most work on to pass.

Setup Study Options

See how you are doing on each section that you study. Each topic in that test is explained and how well you know the correct answers and how well you did when you answered questions on that topic. Use the Study by Weakness feature to study the questions in that element on which you need the most work.

Shuffle Answers

Setup the questions to order the multiple element areas in different sequential order to more accurately test you knowledge of the answer. This helps you avoid associating an answer by its position in the list of answers and it helps to prepare you to take the exam. The exam you get may have the questions in a different order as well as the answers in different order from what you studied.

Shuffle Questions

Questions can appear in random order within a topic. This helps you Randomize the question and answer without associating it with the previous question and answer.

Auto Correct

Select auto correct to tell you the correct answer if you select the wrong answer. Turn auto correct off and you can select the correct answer. Auto correct helps draw your attention to correct answers so you do not spend time learning the wrong answers. (When you practice test, Auto Correct does not correct your answers it highlights the correct one and move on.) A Right and Wrong percentage is displayed. 73 Percent is a Passing grade!

Take Practice Tests

Take a practice test Online at your favorite Site. Then retake the test, take a new test, or review the questions you missed on the the test. Practice tests boosts your confidence so you will be ready when you go to take the exam for your Ham radio license at a VE Session.

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