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The Big Picture of my Shack

My Shack As Of 2016

AKA The Wall of Death....If it falls on me they won't find me for a week!



Icom-736, DSP Unit KVM Switch Speaker Switch Yaesu FRG-100, Bluetooth Speaker, MFJ Digital SWR/Watt Mics
Icom IC-737 HF/6 Meters Yeasu 857D LDG YT-100 Auto Tuner
Yaesu 8900R, MFJ HF Preamp, Yeasu 2800M, LDG Meter Kenwood TR-7400 2 Meter Mobile Procom TNC Modem
Alinco DR-235, Diamond SX-600 Meter, USB Signalink Interface , Barjan Tuner, Cobra 148 NW ST 11 meter, Galaxy Frequency Counter
Kenwood TR-751 All Mode 2meter rig Kenwood TM-733 VHF/UHF


Kenwood Tm-V7 VHF/UHF

TYT 220 Mobile Diamond SX-600 Meter


Alinco DR-235 220 Rig Yeasu 847D Hf Rig, LDG Tuner, LDG Meter
Yaesu FT-450, MFJ Digital Wat Meter, Mics Kenwood TR-750 HVF All-Mode
Icom 880H D-Star Dual Band, UHF/HVF Amp Yeasu VR-5000 All mode


Hand Held Units
Yeasu FT1R C4FM Digitial Duel Band Icom ID-51 Anaversary Edition VHF/UHF D-Star
Tytera MD-380 TDMA DRM Uhf Baufeng UV-5R Dual Band


Shack Accessories

HF Antenna switch, Rig Switch, 10 Meter Switch, TRC-479 11 Meter Rig PK-232 TNC Various Power Supplys
External Speakers Rig Control/ Logging Compters
Rotor Control VHFAntenna  Switch HRD Deluxe


Scanners Analoug/Digital Phase 1 & 2

RF Concepts VHF Amp Bearcat BC898-T Scanner,CW Key Pro 197 Digital trunker
Radio Shack PRO-668 Phase II Scanner
Pro 197 Digital trunker # 2 Baercat Sport CAT 100 CH
Radio Shack Pro 137 Race Scanner Whistler WS-1095 Phase II Scanner


 Frequecny Monitor/Analyzer



Awards, Coffee Pot N3VBJ's QTH


Weather Station Equipment

Rain Guage Sensor Acurite Wireless Rain Guage
Bushnell Weather Node Display Weather Alert Radio
Acurite Wireless Weather Station Acurite Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Temp Guage
Acurite Lightining Sensor Wind/Temp/Humidity/ Wireless Snesor




Station Equipment List



Icom IC-736 HF/6Meter                    Magnum 257 AM/FM/SSB 10 Meter            Kenwood TR-751A All Mode VHF                

Kenwood TM733 VHF/UHF             Yaesu FT-450 Auto Tuner 6M - 160M           Yaesu FRG-100  HF Receiver

Yaesu 8900R 2/440/6/10 Meter         Yaesu 2800M 2M/FM VHF                                 Alinco DR-235 220 Band

Cobra 148 NW ST AM/SSB 11 Meter              Kenwood VM-7A VHF/UHF                      Radio Shack TRC-479 11 Meter

Yaesu VR-5000 All Mode                           Icom 880H D-Star/FM Digital VHF/UHF

Yaesu FT857 HF/2/440/6 all mode    TYT TH-9000 220 Rig               Icom IC-737 HF/6 Meter    Kenwood TR-7400 2 Meter   



Hand Held Units

                      Baofeng UV-5r+2 VHF/UHF HT       Baofeng UV-5rVHF/UHF HT     Icom ID -51A D-Star/FM Digital VHF/UHF 

   Tyrera MD-380 UHF Digital  DMR                 Motorola FRS UHF 7 Ch (2)

  Yaesu FDR1 C4FM Digital VHF/UHF                   Radio Shack 11 Meter HT     Motorola FRS/GMRS 22 Ch HT              



                       Comet GP-9 2/440                             Comet GP-15 2/440/6                                    Tram 1494 220 VHF Vertical                      

           Radio Shack Discones  (3)                      MFJ 2 Meter Beam                                        MFJ  2/440 Vertical

MFJ 2 Meter Vertical (2)                      Antron 99 Vertical        Cushcraft 2/440 Beam

Hustler 6BTV 10 -80 Meter Vertical    Maldol AR-15 2/440 Mag mount                   MFJ 440 Vertical

Homebrew 6 Meter Dipole                 Homebrew 10 Meter Dipole                           Homebrew 17 Meter Dipole

Homebrew 12 Meter Dipole               Radio Shack 10/11 Meter Mag Mount         Homebrew 400 Ft Beverage wire

Outbacker 10-80 Meter  Vertical                Homebrew 800 Mhz Vertical        Homebrew 800 Mhz Yagi 15 Element Beam

MFJ 2/440 HT Antennas         Negoya 2/440 HT Antennas               G5RV 6-80 Meter Dipole

    Homebrew 10-80 Meter Dipole                        Homebrew 220 Jpole           Icom 2/440 HT Antenna                              



                  Radio Shack  Pro 106 Digital                                    Radio Shack   Pro 197 Digital (2)                        Whistler WS-1095 Phase II Scanner

               Bearcat BC898T Trunker                                           Radio Shack Pro 137 Nascar                              Whistler WS-1080 Phase II Scanner

         Bearcat Sportcat 100 Ch Scanner                                      Precor 100 Ch UHF Race Scanner



MFJ Antenna Switches                    Workman Powermics                          Superstar Powermics     MFJ Clocks     Radio Shack Rotors                                

Diamond SX-600 Meters                   AEA PK-232 TNC                             Signalink USB Interface         MFJ CW Keyer            

Radio Shack DSP’s                           Yaesu DSP-1 DSP Unit                       Alpha Delta Antenna Switches            Barjan 10/11 Meter Tuner

MFJ Digital SWR/Watt Meter           Heil Pro Headset/Switch                     Galaxy Frequency Counter      Homebrew Audio Switches   

Opek Antenna Switches                 LDG  S/RFMeters        Procom TNC Modem                MFJ 826B Digital Watt/SWR Meter

 Heil Pro Desk Microphones & Boom    MFJ CW Keyer   Centronics Video Switches           Diamond SX-600 Watt SWR meter

Radio Shack Speakers   MFJ RF Pre Amp                                      

 Linear Amps

RF Concepts 200 Watt VHF Amp       RF Concepts VHF/UHF 35 Watt Amp


Power Supplies

 Jetstream 12V 28 Amp Power Supplies        Radio Shack 25 Amp Power Supplies (2)           GSC 6 Amp Power Supplies                      

Astron (2) 20 Amp Power Supplies         Radio Shack 3 Amp Power Supplies  Radio Shack 10 Amp Power Supplys

Pyramid 25 Amp Power Supplies W/Meters     Jetstream 12 45 Amp Power Supply W/ Meters  Motorola 10 Amp Power Supply

MFJ 35 Amp Power Supply w/Meters              Proview LCD Monitors


 Computer Loging and Software   


Hewlit Packard Computers                           Dell & HP Desktop Computers     RT Systems Rig Programming Software     Dell Laptops                        

Belkin Data Switches                         Seagate USB Hard Drive     RT Systems Programming Cables     N3FJP Loging Software

Serial/USB Adaptors                           Radio Shack  Programming Cables       Yaesu Programming Software      Alinco Software  Icom Software


Weather Station

Acurite Weather Station                  Bushnell Weather Display      La Cross hand held Anemometer      Acurite Rain Guage

Alertworks NOAA Weather aler Radio    Accurite Lightining Detector




Just a little Warmed up
World Wide DX Contest in Progress.... Stations running a little HOT!!!



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