W3PGA Repeater System


Our repeaters are locatated at Kenwood High school in Southeastern Baltimore County. Our repeaters have been on the air since the 1970's. Our Repeaters are housed in the elevator room above the School in cooperation with Baltimore County School System. The antennas are at about 150 Foot elevation.

Kenwood High School

Kenwood on the Map










GPS Locator 39°19′33″N 76°27′44″W FM19SG



 W3PGA 2 Meter Repeater

 147.240/147.840 MHz +600

PL 123.0  Is Enabled In and Out as of January 2021 Repeater is operating at 65 Watts Output

In Service as of January 2021

 Our 2 Meter System

W3PGA Repeaters

 The center cabinet holds the W3PGA 2 Meter 147.240 (lower) and W3PGA  70 Centimter 449.575 FM/Fusion (upper) repeaters  Both Amps are inside the center cabinet. Duplexers are behind the Cabinets. Battery Backup on top

Shutdown Link on right

2 Meter 6 can Duplexer Recieve reject cavity grey on right

W3PGA Repeater Shutdown Controller


Our repeater shutdown board. Our control link is on 70 CM simplex. The HT is a Kenwood set to our control frequency the audio is fed to the DTMF decoder board. The green pc board is an 8 channel DTMF decoder and relay unit. The smaller board above is the relay circuit for 2m and 70 CM relays to shutdown each repeater individualy with the proper DTMF Code. Once the proper code is received for a band the relay system switches the AC Off hence shutting down the Repeater. The proper code sent turns it back on. There are different codes for each repeater.



Our battery backup will run both repeaters for approx 24 hours.

W3PGA 70 CM Repeater

449.575/444.575 MHz -5MHz

PL 123.0 Is enabled as of January 28, 202`

FM and C4FM Modes Available!

65 Watts Output

Our 70 CM Fusion C4FM DR-1X Repeater is below the UPS in the rack and the 70CM Linear Amp is in the top of of the cabinet.

Our Repeater Antennas

2 Meter Transmitter Antenna

2 Meter transmitter antenna on left.


 2 Meter Receive Site Antenna

70 CM Receive/Transmitter Antenna

70 CM Receive/Transmitter Antenna.

W3JEH 220 Repeater system

222.240/223.840 MHz +1.5MHz No PL

Owned by Ron Distler W3JEH AERO Club Member

 Ron's Repeater is located in Perry Hall, MD

W3JEH Repeater site
GE Master 220 W3JEH Repaeter Console 220 Duplexer Side View
220 Duplexer top view
Repeater Controller 220 Linear and Power Supply

 This Site is not at Kenwood High School W3JEHsite is in Parkville MD


Overhead of Kenwood High School

Over view of Kenwood High School

W3PGA Repeater Equipment

2 Meter 147.240/147.840

Yeasu DRX-1 Fusion C4FM repeater System

147.840 WP-612 Reject Cavity Filter

6 can 147.240 Wacomm cavity Filter 

Colinear 2 MeterAntenna

LMR 400 Coax

Astron 20 Amp Power Supply (2)

2 meter 100 watt Mirage Amp

Cooling Fans

Shutdown Module DTFM 8 Decoader/Relay


70 CM 449.575/444.575

Yeasu DR-1X Fusion C4FM Repeater

Motorola T-1500A Series 440 MHz Duplexers

70 CM 100 watt Linear Amp

40 Amp Trip Lite Power Supply

LMR 400 Coax

Cooling Fans

 Motorola Cabinets

Falcon ED-1000 UPS Battery Backup System


W3PGA Repeater Committee

Jerry Cimildora N3VBJ

Phil Hock W3VRD


Ken Erisman NE3A

Dave Frederick KB3KRV is our W3PGA Trustee

James Marshalek KC3FBL  is our AE3RO Trustee

W3PGA is coordinated by TMARC


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