W3PGA's Ham Maps


These are printable maps.

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  World Maps

1. Prefix   View it 2. ITU Zone   View it
3. ITU region View it 4. Continants View it
5. World Countrys View it 5. Canadian Provences View it


Ham Band Plans

Band Plan Charts
ARRL HF Band plan  View it ICOM HF Band Plan View it Technician Privilages View it
VHF/UHF #2 View it VHF/UHF Band Plan View it 6 Meter Band Plan  View it
900 MHz Band Plan  View it 1.2 Ghz Band Plan View it 2.4 Ghz Band Plan View it


Grid Square/Region Maps

Grid Square Maps
USA Grid Squares Map View it USA Call Regions View it
USA Grid Squares #2 View it Canadian Call Regions View it
World Grid Square  View it Eastern Europe Regions  View it



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